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Kids Velcro Sports Shoes – Easy and Stylish Active Footwear

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ActiveKids FlexFit Sports Shoes: Comfortable & Stylish Footwear for Young Explorers Ideal for Active Play and Everyday Adventures

Original price was: ₹ 749.00.Current price is: ₹ 699.00. Inc GST
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Lite Step Kids’ Velcro Light-Up Shoes: Comfort and Fun in Every Step

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Kids' Unisex Shoes
USEuroUKAge GroupCM
0132017 Years20.06
112811C5 Years20.00
123012C5_5-5 Years20.06
133113C5-5_6-5 Years15.08
0233028_8-5 Years22.3
0334038-5_9 Years22.8
0435049_10 Years23.8
05360510_11 Years24.8
07237C 2-5_3 Years 15.2
08248C2-5_3 Years15.8
09259C3_3-5 Years16.2
102710C3-5_4 Years 16.9

Maroon Radiance:

Vibrant LED Lights
Comfortable Velcro Design
Playful Illumination:

Easy On/Off Switch

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Presenting our stunning Kids Lighting Shoes: a place where thrills and comfort collide! Observe how these amazing kicks make your child’s face literally light up with every stride they take. These shoes are the ideal fusion of fashion and function, having been designed with both playfulness and safety in mind.
Interactive LED Lights: With each movement, the vivid LED lights on these shoes’ soles provide a captivating light display. On your child’s feet, it’s more than just a pair of shoes!
Simple to Utilise: Your child can easily manage the stunning light display with an easy-to-find on/off switch hidden inside the shoe. Allow them to choose when to shine and when to hold off on the magic till later.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 8 cm

05_12_18M, 06_1-5_2Years, 07_2_2-5Years, 08_2-2_3Years, 09_3_3-5Years, 10_3-5_4Years

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