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TC_1042_GUGLY502_BLUE Kids Sport Shoe

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TC_999_BUBBLE107_BLACK_ Kids Sport Shoe

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TC_1056_DEO206_T-BLUE(O) Kids Sport Shoes

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Kids' Unisex Shoes
USEuroUKAge GroupCM
0132017 Years20.06
112811C5 Years20.00
123012C5_5-5 Years20.06
133113C5-5_6-5 Years15.08
0233028_8-5 Years22.3
0334038-5_9 Years22.8
0435049_10 Years23.8
05360510_11 Years24.8
07237C 2-5_3 Years 15.2
08248C2-5_3 Years15.8
09259C3_3-5 Years16.2
102710C3-5_4 Years 16.9
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Marketed by, This TC_1056_DEO206_T-BLUE(O) Kids Sport Shoes Made of high quality rubbers and velcro straps, that give ultimate grip and are longlasting, these are washable velcro Sport Shoes, wearable at parties and casual wear, for Boys & Girls.






Additional information

Additional information

Weight 400 g
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 8 cm

01 7_7-5Years, 02 8_8-5Years, 03 8-5_9Years, 04 9_10Years, 05 10_11Years, 11 4_5Years, 12 5_6Years, 13 6_7Years

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